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I took the following excerts from a post by Eric Ries, a serial entrepreneur and author of the blog Startup Lessons Learned.

While in an academic R&D lab, creation for creation’s sake will often get you praise, in a startup, it will often put you out of business.

So why become an entrepreneur instead of developing technology in an R&D lab? Three reasons: change the world, make customers’ lives better and create an organization of lasting value. If you only want to do one of these things, there are better options. But only startups combine all three.

But in order to do that [succeeding at relaunching an initial failure], they’re going to have to keep two seemingly contradictory ideas in mind at the same time: that their vision is going to change the world, and that their vision is also horribly flawed.

Attempting to hold two contradictory ideas simultaneously is known in psychology as cognitive dissonance. Most people go out of their way to avoid this sensation. That’s a perfectly normal reaction; our brains are supposed to experience pain when we try to do the possible and the impossible at the same time. Entrepreneurs are wired differently, however. It’s not that they don’t experience pain — trust me, creating a startup is extremely painful — but that they care more about realizing their vision. And there are much easier ways to get rich.

Nothing extremely new in the excerpt but the idea that entrepreneurship is not the fast lane to get rich. I also liked the concept of “cognitive dissonance.” Its like falling in love with your startup, you have to put the heart into it, but at the same you have to be ready to pack the stuff and redefine the whole thing as the process advances. When is the right time? that’s probably what tells successes from failures.

In any case, more than elaborating on my personal interpretation of the excerpt, the idea is to relate the nice post by Mr. Ries to what yealthlife is about.  yealthlife is about the three things that ditinguish a need for a startup from a need for a research project inside a lab.

yealthlife is about implementing existing technologies to change the world of healthcare. Make it more efficient, practical and synchronized with today’s technological and personalized world.

It’s also about making customer’s lives better. Allowing people to better follow up their chronic diseases or their health related habits can really improve their quality of life.

And well, an organization of lasting value. If you are about changing the healthcare paradigm and empowering people to improve their own health, you are obviously not  thinking about getting it over with by tomorrow. Redefining an outdated and archaic  model is sure about imprinting a permanent change and creating something lasting and worthwhile.


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